Why training 
Most training- and coaching sessions and workshops are focusing on transferring knowledge. But will this knowledge actually be translated into action? Because if you really want something to change in the corporate culture, you will have to guide behaviour. Only then real change can occur.

Let’s face it: a cultural change after just one training is not possible. We know how important attention and follow-up are after a workshop or training. For people willing to get into action and really change, they have to motivate and believe in themselves. That’s why we spend just as much time on how this implemented change will be one of continuity. That’s empowerment! And when all resistance is neutralised, nothing will stand in the way of the desired behaviour.

Training and Coaching

TOP training
– Knowledge, but specifically on specific behaviour, competencies and soft skills.
– In structure and systems that are of great importance.
– To empower people and to take away their resistance.

What can be expected from a workshop from TOP:
Behavior- and soft skills:
– Effective Leadership
– Coaching
– Leadership & Motivation
– Effective collaboration
– Performance appraisals
– Internal audits
– DISC behavioral profiles
– Management drives
– Discussion

Structure, security and systems:
– Safety awareness
– Risk management
– Accident investigation / root cause
– Workshop crocodile hunt
– Safety Coach
– Observation methods
– Leadership and safety
– Effective project kick-offs

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