A safety culture does not exist in itself.
It's the direct result of the ruling organisational culture. Is your safety guaranteed within the organisation's policy? The organisation's safety strategy should be one of the top priorities of an organisation. TOP has the expertise in place to raise the safety culture within the organisation to an excellent level. Thus, you can not only influence the "safety culture" without thereby (first) influencing the organisational culture. Contact one of our consultants for a non-binding conversation. Our approach is that we do not believe in the external purchasing of a safety program, because who wants to improve structurally will have to open up for structural changes. A sustainable improvement of business processes begins at all levels. No symptom control, but tackle at the source! TOP supports organisations throughout the entire development process, to implement the right safety culture for your organisation. No standardised packages, but a customised safety culture.
TOP wants to support excellence through:
- Understanding the current structure and culture of your organisation;
- Assisting you in changing behavior and thereby improving structurally;
- Empowering, motivating and involving people in your company;
- But above all, we will guide you until you do not need us anymore.