Cooperation and open communication about risks are the basis requirements for a risk and opportunity management within your organisation
A risk can be defined as a negative effect on business goals. An opportunity can be defined the same way but with a positive outcome. Where it is unnecessary to take the negative impact (failure costs, injury, overall damage) it’s also a shame not to cash in the positive effects. Risico Our Approach when talking about risk and opportunity management we’ll look together at your main process (sales, project management). Besides that we can also take a look at sub-processes like engineering and supply chain management. In a couple of sessions we’ll be answering this questions:
- What are the uncertainties
- What negative or positive effect does this have on: Safety, Health, Environment, and budget and planning.

A course of action can often be calculated and expressed in costs, but will you be able to explain to the board of directors that these expenses will be less than the total costs of the failures? In our methodology, the famous Monte Carlo (MC) analysis is processed. This allows us to express the (positive and negative) effect in euros and this opposes the investment or cost of operation. Opportunity TOP wants to help you reach awareness of risks and opportunities within the organisation. An organisation who is familiar with the uncertain factors, appropriate measures and are widely communicated and accepted. We will help you with entering an effective risk- and opportunities process. This process allows for minimising the effects of risk and optimising opportunities.