70% of strategic failures are caused by a poor execution. It’s rarely the result of lack of understanding or vision.
It has been proven by leading experts Franklin & Covey that execution fails because of the tension between the pace of the day and staying focused on business goals. Both should happen, but they compete in terms of time, energy and attention. Just think of an important goal that you did not realise. What was the cause? Did the plan fail or was it just the interaction between goals and all the other things that needed to be done.

Our Approach is that our consultants are well-known in the proven project management methodologies, for example PRINCE2© and PMBOK. Whatever you may call it, it is important to think beforehand about the predetermined process's. We don’t only make use of ISO 9001 principles, but also look further to minimum steps that need to be taken, for example milestones or stage gates. The reason for this is to keep the focus at all times on the business goals.
Projectmanagement Systems
TOP wants to work with you to create a culture of consistent implementation. Creating this culture means that the following four basic disciplines should be included in the organisation:
1: Focus on milestones
2: Act for predictive activities
3: Keep yourself and others motivated with a scoreboard
4: Speak to each other regularly

TOP uses proven theories and methods to further develop your organisation. The assumptions are simple, clear and easy to understand by anyone. Ultimately, the point is that there is a culture in which your staff encourages and motivates each other to do the right thing. Operational Mastery of -Excellence is not a fashion word, it’s reality.