It’s all about a good start
The development and implementation of a good working management system is a decision that needs to be made by the board of directors. It must give a direct result to the business case of that particular organisation. If you can’t prove that this management system will make a tremendous difference, then wait for the right time to be thinking about this option.

Our Approach
TOP often starts with a strategic exploration in response to the context within your organisation and the demands that are set within this context to your business and management systems. In this (free of charge) strategic reconnaissance we offer the board of directors and other tactical levels within the organisation insight in how to get to long-term goals.

After the standards have been chosen on which the organisation is build and how they will take the organisation to the next level, we’re starting with a GAP-analyses. Our consultants will have some conversations with various employees within this organisation and often visit locations where needed. The result will be a short report, a strategy plan, a time-lapse and also a budget plan with certification as a result. The GAP-analyses is a separate assignment which has a crystal clear instruction and a fixed price. You’re under no obligation based on the results you can make a decision to follow up with or without help from TOP Management Consultants.

If you decide to execute the plan of action in the phase of implementation, TOP will provide a trustworthy and suitable project leader who will guard the process in implementing a management system and frequently gives feedback. We’ll preside the steering committee and accompany working groups. Eventually we can, if desired, help with implementation, awareness, kick-off, internal audits and of course accompany the certification. For this options we’ll make a tailor-made offer.

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Track Record TOP
TOP has lots of experience in accompaniment guiding organisations to achieve, maintain and constantly improve standards and requirements. Underneath you’ll find a list of certifications in which we have the right amount of experience:

- ISO 9001
- ISO 9004
- ISO 14001
- OHSAS 18001
- CO2 Performance ladder
- CO2 Chain analyses
- Optimizing Business Processes
- Safety ladder

- ISO 14001
- MVO Performance ladder
- ISO 26000
- BRL7000
- ISO 9004
- LCA Conforms ISO 14040/ ISO 14044
- CO2 Performance ladder
- Sustainable entrepreneurship according ISO 9004
- Environmental Protection Support

Safety Management:
- Failure mode & effect analysis (FMEA)
- Safety Ladder
- Safety culture- and behaviour analyses
- Accident investigation
- OHSAS 18001
- Risk Stocktaking and Evaluation(RI&E)
- Exposure Scan
- ISO 31000 Risk management

Marine, Energy & Offshore:

- FSC Approval
- PRL 7000 Protocols
- ISO 31000 Risk Management
- Soil Quality degree
- Occupational Health Measurements
- Research and Development accompaniment