Effective leadership requires a clear vision
Many theories, training exercises and workshops have been developed about management and leadership. Leadership is mentioned as the ultimate magic-ingredient when it comes to solving problems and is used to improve the effectiveness of an organisation itself. We see leadership as a lifestyle. Steven Covey said: 'Leadership' is about doing the right things. And 'Management' is about doing things right. A good leader can be recognised by his hands-on approach and automatically doing the things that contribute to the overall, shared objectives.

Our approach
is aimed to clarify the organisations objectives with you. Because without purpose, development is still useless. "If you do not plan your own life, you are only being used in plans of others" [Remco Claassen, 2008]. This same way it works in organisations. Then we will look at how transparent leadership is within the organisation itself. We don’t mean that the leaders are visible, but to what extent is communicated and if understood what is expected, and more importantly WHY this is of such importance. It has been shown that people need the ‘why’ when they are doing something. If that is not clear, people will not develop their personal leadership skills and they will only take action when prompted. There is a strong top-down leadership required. It’s often degenerated into a punitive and reactive organisational culture, based on strong management (doing the things right). In a proactive organisation, personal skills are much more developed and people will take the right initiatives (the right things).
TOP wants
to work with you to find clear understanding about what development is needed within your organisation. We have a wide range of methods and interventions that will contribute to this goal. It won’t be long training sessions or informational meetings, but usually brief interventions in the form of workshops, coaching sessions, team analysis or for instance a strategic session about the objectives and the way it is supposed to happen.