Improvement starts at qualifying the basis standards
Meeting this international standards will significantly improve your chance to succeed, thus compliance management.

Our Approach is to first take a look at the particular business fields that your organisations wants to be participating in. Which standards and rules apply? Which of those do you need to meet to win? Is the first division sufficient or do you want to play in the champions league? TOP specialises in bringing organisations to the next level. What does it mean for a small shipyard to receive high-end energy customers? And what does this mean for the knowledge and skills of your employees? Compliance Management TOP wants you to be up-to-date on the requirements your customers have on SHEQ. We’d also like you not to keep up appearances by showing off your paper tigers. You don’t have to ask TOP for window-dressing. TOP is sincere. Lots of customers went before: they grew and developed very successfully. We want to help you respond proactively to changes in laws and regulations.

TOP uses the most recent standards and guidelines in our line of business. Think about:
- ISO 9001:2015;
- ISO 14001:2015;
- OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001);
- ISO 50000;
- VCA;
- ISM;
- MLC;
- MARPOL, STCW, SOLAS, Load Lines, etc.
- PAS-55;
- RI&E;
- etc.