Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.
We do not need to explain that timely, clear and effective communication leads to more successful and better understandings. Yet it is not always that easy to get a clear message out, let alone that it is so provided that the effect is visible in the behaviour or efficiency of the corporation. How is it that management is not always understood? How is it that your employees don’t do what is right in your eyes? We believe that optimum communication is not an end in itself, but makes an indispensable contribution to companies that want to grow from better to best.

Our approach aims to:
1. Make an effective diagnosis in the organisation;
2. Through workshops and coaching show how simple optimal communication can be accomplished.

People want to be heard. Therefore, it is important for good communication to actually be a great listener. In many ways we are able to quickly and effectively diagnose. Think about:
- Team analysis;
- Team sessions;
- Short workshops about collaboration and communication;
- Training feedback;
- Training a transparent management;
- Outdoor workshop about cooperation;
- DISC (R) behaviour profiles.

TOP wants to learn executives and directors how to embrace and spread a crystal clear message that can be understood by all employees and also shows what behaviour is accepted and which behaviour contributes to business objectives.