License to operate and the appropriate response to emergencies.
These are the main reasons to have your bridge manuals in order. For example:
- Cargo Securing Manuals;
- Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan;
- Ballast Water Management Plan;
- Firefighting Manual;
- SOLAS Training Manual;
- Potable Water Manual;
- In Water Survey Manuals;
- Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan;
- Towing Manual;
- Vessel Contingency Plans;
- MLC manuals; - etc.

TOP supplies (standard) books for years which comply with the requirements set by IMO (MARPOL, SOLAS, STCW, MLC, ISM, etc.). You can sail and you won’t get any problems with Port State Control and/or your Class office. Always according to the latest regulations and up-to-date.

Our approach at TOP we believe in fast and reliable delivery of these mandatory costs. We have put years of knowledge and experience in standard manuals (blueprints). We will send the shipping company or vessel owner a questionnaire in which all important issues will be asked about and which is needed to be filled in by the owner. We can make the blueprint directly specific for a particular ship. Then we will be describing the specific situation and make drawings and other (technical) diagrams. We involve the crew in the reviews and hereby reducing the applicability and acceptance is guaranteed on board. The end product is a book that meets the latest regulations and what is practically applicable by the crew.

TOP uses standard prices per manual. We also use volume discounts at series and sister ships. This may cause a significant discount.