Our Mission: “Guiding Organisations and Their People to Excellence.”

Not the temporary improvements, but changes which are sustainable and will contribute structurally to the continuity of your business. Plus you are being accompanied by an experienced partner in the SHEQ consultancy that knows your industry. We have been active in supporting and accompanying organisations in the maritime, offshore, energy and infrastructure for more than 27 years. We are the expert in SHEQ consultancy.

Our approach
Anyone who wants to improve structurally will have to open up for structural changes. Sustainable improvement in business operations or processes begins at all levels. No symptom control, but tackle the source! TOP helps your organisation to discover the source of the problem, after which we will draw up a plan of approach that fits the mission and vision of the organisation. We always go for structural improvement!

SHEQ Consultancy

TOP wants to
– Understand the current structure and culture of your organisation.
– Assist you in changing behaviour, support and guidance to guide the changes and improve it accordingly.
– Empower, motivate and involve people in your company and provide the right tools to handle this.
– You assist with exceptional expertise within the SHEQ consultancy

What can you contact us for?
– Basically for all SHEQ/OHS related matters
– Guiding and supporting changes within your organisation
– Strengthening your position within your industry
– Training and coaching of staff and management to achieve previously agreed goals
– The guidance / auditing of ISO certification
– Project / Incident / Change / Compliance and Risk & Opportunity Management
– Creating a safety culture