We will accompany our clients in their search for permanent staff positions in corporate SHEQ-Departments or SHEQ-projects.

We have an extensive international database with many SHEQ-professionals willing to work. Our dedicated team does stay in contact with (potential) candidates and can start-up specific recruitment very quickly and effectively whenever our client needs us to. If we think we have a match with your organization, you’ll hear from us right away! Specific details about the candidate and organizational specifics can always be discussed and will be taking into consideration.

Aspects as language skills, experience in your industry and relevant and up-to-date training & certificates will be taken into account as well. We’ll talk to their references and will always end up finding the right match. Finding the right match isn’t always easy, but we’ll always end up doing just that. Our recruiters are always working together and never make these decisions by themselves. We will guarantee our clients affordable, high-end SHEQ-professionals that will get the job done.

For more information feel free to contact us!