TOP Offshore is focused on SHE- & QA-QC-related positions. Hereby a selection of the SHE-professionals we can offer:
- SHE Managers & Engineers
- Safety Officers & Safety Advisors
- Safety Coaches
- Trainers on Risk Management & Safety Awareness
- SHE Field Supervisors
- SHE Project Managers & Engineers
- ISM/ISPS Coordinators & Advisors
- Permit to Work Coordinators
- Marine Superintendents
- Environmental Specialists
- Specialists in complex SHEQ Management Systems

Quality Assurance (QA):
- Quality Managers
- Document Controllers
- Quality Process Engineers
- Risk Managers
- (Lead) Auditors (ISO 9001/OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001/ISM/ISPS/etc.)

Quality Control (QC):
- Welding Inspectors
- QC Coordinators
- Quality Process Engineers
- QC Inspectors
- QC Managers

We are always eager to get more candidates into our international database. Did you recognize yourself in one of the above named professions? You can fill in an open application so that you'll be included in our database. From that moment on we can and will ask you to fill in on SHEQ-related positions within our clients firms. For more information on how we could be of any service to you or your organization. Feel free to contact us!