Who we are?
TOP Management Consultants stands for: Training, Organisation and Personnel and was founded in 1989 by Frits de Nijs and Hans Moll. Since 2005 César Franken became a shareholder and as of 2011 the sole shareholder. Situations have changed, but our core values still ​​remain the same: Committed, Sincere and Forward!

We can really make use of our many years of combined, unique (national and international) experience in the deployment of our QA/HSE specialists to achieve the business goals set by the organisation. We think along with businessmen rather than with the regulators. We feel committed to our customers, want to do fair business and from these perspectives we will always serve our customers.

Our Vision: Sincere, Committed and Forward!
We can only assist organisations while in their process to excellence by being genuinely involved in your organisation. Not only the use of checklists, but we will do way more than that. By being sincerely interested and committed, we can really help you and your organisation forward even when the bar is set really high. Our goal is to bring your organisation to a new level of excellence, so we’ll guide you every step of the way until it’s time to walk on your own. This achievement will continue internally and will be supported by your organisation. We will always stand by your side to be the helping hand when needed.